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Drift Net - Weapon Detection

Detect Weapons

KW-Pods use a multi-sensory detection system to flag concerning information, which is analyzed by Edge AI to immediately identify threats such as weapons, gunshots, fighting, fires, and more. Drift Net’s patented weapons detection system's accuracy empowers your organization to respond effectively within your security procedure.

Drift Net Security - Alert First responders

Alert First-Responders

Fastest possible dispatch by sending an alert to administrators and first responders once a threat is detected. This alert is instant, as Edge AI uses localized computing to interpret the threat on-site, instead of the information being sent to “the cloud" and back.

Drift Net - Curb Vaping

Curb Vaping

KW-Pods can detect vaping and smoke without reading a visual feed, meaning they can be put in restrooms or other hotbed areas for student vaping. Admins are alerted to the area where vaping has been detected.

Drift Net - Virtual Perimeter

Virtual Perimeters

KW-Pods create security perimeters that alert administrators of activity when crossed. Be alerted when a student leaves the premises, or when a stranger steps on your campus and receive video surveillance when those perimeters are crossed.

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