Visitor Management

Easily facilitate your visitor process with our
all-in-one system.

Explore a cutting-edge visitor experience.

Drift Net Visitor Management

Pre-approve Visitors

Use our quick online portal to
screen and pre-approve visitors
for a seamless check-in.
Drift Net Visitor Management

Vendor & Event Check-in

Facilitate checking in large groups
of visitors as easily as you
would a single guest.
Drift Net Visitor Management

Restricted Visitor List

Add another layer of safety through a live
restricted visitors list shared across
your entire district/organization.
Drift Net Visitor Management

Security Screening

Reference both national sex-
offender data and a customizable restricted
visitors list before a visitor checks-in.
Drift Net Visitor Management

Quick ID Scan

After a visitor has pre-screened themself, their information will be readily available when they arrive. A simple QR code is all it takes for a visitor to check-in on site, and an adhesive ID Badge is printed with their identifying picture and information.

Visitor Duration Alerts

Admins will receive alerts when a visitor has stayed past the decided duration of their visit. Details of the visit are available to admins to ensure visitors adhere to their planned visit.
Drift Net Visitor Management
Drift Net Visitor Management

Admin Specifications

Admins have the ability to specify visitor management permissions throughout their faculty, meaning the system can be tailored to the unique needs and responsibilities of their organization’s structure.