Emergency Management

Respond to emergencies with live, actionable intelligence.
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Drills & Exercises

Easily manage and schedule your school's emergency drills for the entire school year - all while staying compliant with state regulations. Quickly view and share your drill plans, reports, and reviews all in one place.
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Identify risks and vulnerabilities unique to your school, including a Risk and Vulnerability Assessment, allowing your school to make informed decisions.
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Add and edit maps to include reunification points, safe zones, evacuations, and emergency assets. Share easily with your Incident Command Team and community partners. Share in an instant to First Responders in the event of a critical incident.
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Inventory Management

Develop, manage, and maintain critical emergency assets. Stay updated on maintenance and expiration dates to keep your emergency tools at the ready for any emergency.
Emergency Alerts
Quickly access preprogrammed mass alerts,
send customizable messages, and communicate
between occupants, administrators, and
First Responders during a crisis.
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Crisis Response

First responders and security personnel can have instant access to
emergency assets such as live maps, real-time incident details, occupancy
management, and a live feed of the building, enhancing the effectiveness
of your critical response and mitigating damages.
Behaviorial Health Assessments
Allows for an organized, intuitive approach to handling
the entire scope of behavioral interventions, accommodations, plans, and
assessments for individual students. This includes a Threat Assessment
and a Suicide Risk Assessment
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Instantly Alert First Responders
The KnowWhere CSS allows for the fastest possible dispatch by sending
an alert to administrators and first responders directly after a threat
is detected. This alert is instant, as Edge AI uses localized
computing to interpret the threat on-site, instead of the information
being sent to “the cloud" and back.
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