Threat Detection

Never allow danger to step foot on campus.
Detect Threats
KW-Pods use a multi-sensory detection system to flag concerning information,
which is analyzed by Edge AI to immediately identify threats such as weapons,
gunshots, fighting, fires, and more. Drift Net’s patented weapons detection system's
accuracy empowers your organization to respond effectively within your security protocol.
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Curb Vaping
KW-Pods can detect vaping and smoke without reading a visual feed,
meaning they can be put in restrooms or other hotbed areas
for student vaping. Admins are alerted to the area where vaping has
been detected.
Drift Net Securities - Vaping
Track Elevated Temperature
KW-Pods use thermal detection to identify body temperature.
The system is alerted when a body temperature rises to feverous levels,
and the subject is tracked through the campus to establish contact tracing.
This unique feature allows schools to mitigate the effects of a viral outbreak,
along with conditions associated with heightened body temperatures, such as heat exhaustion.
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