Oxford Community Schools

Oxford Community Schools Introduction to Edge AI Threat Detection
“The time that they are able to get to your building and find the threat, not only find the threat but eliminate the threat is
huge in saving lives and injuries.

Oxford Community Schools

With a commitment to safety that matches its dedication to education, the district has taken substantial steps to create a secure environment for its students and staff by partnering with Drift Net to implement the KnowWhere Campus Safety System at their schools. Watch the Oxford School Board Safety Presentation that announced the implementation of Drift Net's KnowWhere Campus Safety system here.

Why KnowWhere?

By implementing the KnowWhere CSS, first responders can be alerted of a threat and receive valuable crisis information in real-time, resulting in the quickest and most accurate response possible.

The Mission:

In the effort to provide a baseline defense against threats for all schools, we are proud when our solutions cross into new territory; we see it not only as growth, but an opportunity to address and analyze the unique risks and vulnerabilities associated with school communities across the country.

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