What Is a Virtual Security Perimeter?

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Written By: J. Lasswell
March 31, 2023

Virtual Security Perimeters (VSPs) are a system that creates a virtual border to secure and control access to a campus.

When it comes to securing schools and implementing access control protocol, there’s a litany of factors to consider. Virtual Security Perimeters (VSPs) are an exciting feature of the KnowWhere CSS that administrators can use to secure their campuses and control access from their mobile devices. Let’s explore the benefits of VSPs and how they can be implemented to ensure school safety.

Understanding Virtual Security Perimeters

Virtual Security Perimeter is a system that allows administrators to create a virtual border around their campus, allowing administrators to detect and prevent unauthorized access to the school. Drift Net’s KW-Pods enable the system to visually program and understand the boundaries and access points of the school and maintain this awareness 24/7. If someone crosses the virtual boundary, an alert is immediately sent to the administrators allowing administrators to identify any unauthorized individuals and take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of students and staff.

Benefits of Complete Access Control in Schools

The benefits of implementing VSPs in schools are numerous. Not only can schools control access to their campus, but VSPs will help your emergency planning team identify vulnerabilities in the school's security, enabling administrators to address them before they become an issue.

Secondly, VSPs can help prevent violence or even custodial interference. VSPs will all another layer of readiness to the system’s Autonomous Threat Detection capabilities, assisting in the prevention of unwanted, and potentially violent individuals entering the school. Additionally, VSPs can also help prevent custodial interference, which is the most common vulnerability to a school’s access points, ensuring that all students are safe and accounted for during school hours.

Simplified Management

Implementing VSPs can simplify the management of a school's security measures. With a centralized view of the network, administrators can easily identify and address security issues. This, in turn, frees up more time for administrators to focus on other critical tasks, such as improving academic performance and ensuring the safety and well-being of students. VSPs will encourage administrators to manage security measures more effectively, ensuring that the school remains safe and secure, and encourages admins to make informed decisions in their security purchases. 

Enhance Attendance

VSPs can help ensure students remain safe and accounted for during school hours. By monitoring access to school facilities, VSPs can keep track of who enters and exits the school. This helps to account for all students and ensures their safety and also provides pertinent information for an individual student’s behavioral management. For instance, if a student leaves the premises without permission or is absent from class without authorization, administrators can quickly identify the issue and take appropriate action. This is crucial for schools or campuses that accommodate young children, as children are vulnerable in outside areas, and are liable to walk off premises without a second thought. Additionally, VSPs can be configured to detect when students try to leave through unauthorized exits or enter after hours, providing an added layer of security to prevent students from leaving school unannounced.

Keep Unwanted Visitors Out

Not only do VSPs keep unwanted people out of a school campus, but they can alert for other unwanted visitors - even ones with claws! While a cougar entering a school campus and taking a nap may just sound like a charming story, schools in or adjacent to wild areas have to account for the threat of wild animals in their emergency planning. In a wild animal situation, a Drift Net VSP can detect the animal approaching the boundaries, notify nearby occupants through a 2-way intercom on the KW-Pod, and instantly alert administration. Promising comprehensive security means a system should account for all threats - not only the obvious ones.

Virtual Security Perimeter is a valuable tool in securing schools and controlling access. By implementing VSPs, administrators can control access to their campuses, identify vulnerabilities, and prevent violence or custodial interference. VSPs can simplify the management of security measures, enhance attendance, and keep unwanted visitors out of schools. By considering these key points, schools can take the necessary steps to implement VSPs effectively and ensure the safety of their students and staff.