What are Drift Net Expert Insights?

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Written By: J. Lasswell
April 18, 2023

Drift Net is now publishing research-based articles written by experts, such as Dr. Peter Langman. Jimmy Dunleavy and Dr. Beth Sanborn.

While Drift Net has set sail with weekly blog posts to keep you informed about the latest in security tech and trends in the landscape of school safety, we recognized there’s a litany of information at our disposal that would be better represented in a research-based, objective structure. Our in-house experts, such as Dr. Peter Langman, James "Jimmy" Dunleavy, Jessica Cirulli, and recently, Dr. Beth J. Sanborn, have decades of experience and research at their disposal, and they're

What are DN Expert Insights?

As Drift Net’s intended “product” is safe schools across the country, our experts will be providing information regarding their research relative to school safety, such as “Optimal Design for a Secure School,” or “The Three Categories of Perpetrators of School Shootings.”

We’re offering these informative documents freely to all, as we firmly believe that understanding the nuances of school safety is directly correlated to the wellbeing of school communities. If you would like stay updated when a Drift Net Expert Insight is published, fill the form below and you'll be subscribed to our biweekly publication.

What information will you be able to glean from Drift Net’s experts? 

Dr. Peter Langman is an expert in understanding the complex framework behind school shootings in children and adolescents. He has devoted his life to researching this pathology and has authored three books on the matter, including the most recent one, Warning Signs: Identifying School Shooters Before They Strike (2021). Dr. Langman is highly respected in his field, providing training to school districts across the country, presenting research to the FBI and US Secret Service, and being interviewed countless times by global news networks. Dr. Langman will be providing insights based on his research regarding the motivations, characteristics and leakage of potential perpetrators of violence at schools.

Jimmy Dunleavy had a 25-year career with the Pennsylvania State Troopers, starting as a patrol trooper and retiring as a Lieutenant and Division Director. His knowledge about effective law enforcement response to school emergencies is bar-none, and he provides trainings to schools and is an expert at assessing a school’s physical security situation. Jimmy will be using his expertise to explain the realities of police response, how occupants react to emergency situations, and the physical security needs of school campuses.

Jessica Cirulli is the Subject Matter Expert and Grant Advisor at Drift Net Securities, where she builds relationships with school district superintendents and administrators to ensure every school has effective emergency planning. Before joining Drift Net, Jessica co-founded a non-profit organization called Our Kids Deserve It, which facilitated emergency planning for schools. She also worked on marketing and PR for "The Safest School in America" initiative, where she developed an understanding of the landscape of school safety products. Jessica's interest in school safety and security began after reading Dr. Peter Langman's research on the psychology of mass violence in schools. Her work at Drift Net allows her to facilitate emergency planning for schools at a national level using the company's innovative tech, alongside her rich knowledge of what school's need for emergency planning and prevention on the ground-level. Jessica will be publishing informative pages regarding grant opportunity timetables, grant advocacy and information to help schools more effectively plan for emergencies.

Most recently, Drift Net has acquired more expertise and a new perspective in the form of our newest Senior Advisor, Dr. Beth J. Sanborn! With decades of experience as a police officer and school resource officer, Dr. Sanborn has processed her experiences with her student population and her doctorate research into The Missing Piece: Your School Resource Officer as an Ally in Parenting (2022) as well as several successful trainings for faculty and parents. Her abilities as a police officer, an advocate for students and a public speaker has gained the attention from several news outlets, where she has presented her findings. Dr. Sanborn will draw upon her doctorate research and experiences as an SRO to provide an understanding of preventative practices that schools need to follow to improve the wellness of their students.

In our mission to empower schools with the most comprehensive safety solutions, we know that innovative security tech is just one facet of what makes our safety potential complete; it’s of the upmost importance that all involved in the fight remain educated on the measurable data regarding school safety and preventative practices. We encourage anyone interested in forwarding the safety of all schools to subscribe!