School Safety Training: Utilizing Drift Net’s Experts

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Written By: J. Lasswell
May 10, 2023

"With comprehensive training programs led by industry experts, Drift Net provides the necessary tools and knowledge to ensure school safety and crisis preparedness."

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As school safety becomes an increasingly pressing concern, educators and administrators are seeking out effective and comprehensive training programs to help them identify potential risks and respond to crises. Training doesn’t just give faculty new skills to utilize in an emergency, but it also serves to keep safety practices at the forefront of everyone’s minds, allowing school leadership to establish a culture of safety in their communities. Providing trainings that account for all aspects of school safety and security will increase preparedness, and is a necessary step for any school community that aspires to be a beacon of wellness. Drift Net offers a range of training programs taught by our multidisciplinary team of safety experts to address these needs that all school communities face. 

Dr. Peter Langman

Dr. Peter Langman, Director of Research, is an expert in the psychology of school shooters. His training sessions focus on identifying warning signs of potential perpetrators of violence before it occurs and how school leadership can effectively utilize threat assessment across their school communities. This includes analyzing homework assignments, understanding motivations and justifications for violence, and exploring pathways to violence. 

Dr. Peter Langman is a leading researcher in understanding hostile behaviors in children and adolescents, particularly related to mass violence in schools. In 1999, while interning as a counselor, Dr. Langman encountered a 16-year-old with disturbing behaviors, just days after the Columbine High School tragedy. This experience inspired him to spend 12 years researching potential perpetrators of mass violence. He has written three books on the subject, including his latest publication, "Warning Signs: Identifying School Shooters Before They Strike" (2021). Dr. Langman's expertise has led to interviews with global news networks, nationwide trainings for school districts, and presentations to the FBI and US Secret Service. Dr. Langman's research, funded by his own dedication, has been acknowledged by the psychological community, national security authorities, and congressional testimony.

James Dunleavy

James Dunleavy, Critical Response Expert, focuses on preparing schools for active shooter scenarios. He emphasizes options-based critical response techniques that aim to de-escalate and minimize harm. Additionally, he provides guidance on understanding the active shooter threat, de-escalation tactics, and the Incident Command System (ICS) and National Incident Management System (NIMS). He also defines the role of the School Resource Officer (SRO).

After a distinguished 25-year career with the Pennsylvania State Troopers, James "Jimmy" Dunleavy joined Drift Net as Critical Incident Expert. With extensive law enforcement experience, from patrol trooper to Lieutenant and Division Director, he brings valuable insights on emergency response within school communities.

Although he retired from the Pennsylvania State Troopers, Jimmy's commitment to justice and safety persisted. He joined a law firm as a litigation consultant, utilizing his expertise in vehicle investigations and the litigation process. However, Jimmy missed direct community engagement and seized the opportunity to become a Critical Incident Expert at Drift Net in 2021. His experience as an administrator during periods of technological advancements gives him a unique edge, aligning with Drift Net's mission to enhance emergency preparedness.

Remaining engaged in the discourse on unified safety and security regulations for school districts, Jimmy advocates for standardized guidelines and accountability regarding law enforcement response to school emergencies. Jimmy recognizes the need for a minimum requirement to ensure consistent approaches to school safety, particularly when administrations lack a dedicated focus on the subject.

Jessica Cirulli

Jessica Cirulli, Subject Matter Expert and Grant Advisor, covers emergency planning and preparedness for school administrators, grant readiness and navigating the school security industry to maximize funding.

Jessica Cirulli is an integral part of Drift Net Securities as Subject Matter Expert and Grant Advisor. Her role involves building relationships with school district superintendents and administrators to ensure effective emergency planning for schools and providing guidance through state and federal grant funding - from applying to grants to effectively allocating the funding.

Initially studying reconstructive plastic surgery at Notre Dame College, Jessica discovered her talent for people operations through marketing courses. She started her own boutique marketing business, where she gained valuable contacts and experience. Eventually, Jessica co-founded Our Kids Deserve It (OKDi), a nonprofit organization focused on facilitating emergency planning for schools. Her passion for school safety grew through research and discussions with experts like Dr. Peter Langman. This led her to Drift Net, where she now works alongside a team of like-minded individuals who share her convictions. In her position, Jessica feels a profound sense of purpose in her mission to ensure safety in schools through effective emergency planning.

Nolan Foley

Nolan Foley, Research and Development Manager, specializes in threat assessment and suicide prevention. His training sessions focus on building a school's threat assessment team, understanding the threat assessment process, and managing suicidal and self-harm risks in schools.

Dr. Beth Sanborn

Dr. Beth J. Sanborn, Senior Advisor, focuses on identifying behaviors and trends that indicate a student could be at risk of substance abuse and addiction. She also trains school leadership to leverage their School Resource Officers (SROs) by cultivating relationships with the student body. 

Dr. Beth Sanborn is an esteemed researcher and advocate in the field of School Resource Officers. With her background as a former SRO, she brings invaluable expertise and a genuine passion for student well-being. As a Senior Advisor at Drift Net, Dr. Sanborn plays a pivotal role in guiding the development of new safety resources and uses her knowledge-base to train schools to effectively leverage their SROs. Her deep understanding of the field and commitment to creating safe learning environments make her an invaluable asset to our team. We are privileged to have Dr. Sanborn's extensive knowledge and experience driving our mission to revolutionize school security through her research and trainings.

Drift Net offers training sessions tailored for schools, school districts, and school service districts. These sessions can be conducted virtually as 1-hour webinar-style training sessions or in-person sessions at your campus. Any school has the opportunity to participate in a free 1-2 hour virtual training session. However, in-person sessions are funded at the discretion of Drift Net and are not generally available for free. Additionally, we offer a question and answer (Q&A) session as part of the training to address any specific concerns or inquiries. Larger districts or multiple school districts might consider requesting longer sessions or multiple topics and speakers. With comprehensive training programs led by industry experts, Drift Net provides the necessary tools and knowledge to ensure school safety and crisis preparedness.

Please note that the scheduling of these sessions is dependent on the availability of our experts.