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Drift Net Production Team

Setting A New Standard

After the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, Drift Net founder Aaron Coles was compelled to find a solution to the seemingly endless continuation of mass violence in American schools. Coles used his knowledge of technology design to build Drift Net’s flagship product, the KnowWhere Campus Safety System, which promises to detect threats and alert authorities before the threat materializes. Four years later, Coles’s original idea has blossomed into a company with dozens of employees and a growing ecosystem of safety and security solutions.

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Drift Net has assembled a team of forward-thinkers dedicated to the idea of making all schools safer. Just as keeping students safe at school consists of a variety of solutions, tools and practices, Drift Net realized their team would need to derive from a variety of backgrounds and skill-sets; from software engineers and geo-mappers to psychiatrists and retired law enforcement, all facets of campus security are considered and evaluated by our team.

In the effort to expand our knowledge base, Drift Net has sought out experts who have decades of experience in the world of school safety: Dr. Peter Langman was brought on as Director of Research and School Safety Training; Jessica Cirulli as our School Safety Expert; Jimmy Dunleavy as our Critical Response Expert. Drift Net also adopted the Safety Equity Program, which denotes Drift Net’s effort to provide a baseline of safety and security for any and all schools, without cost. With these resources available, we at Drift Net have the means and the skills to enact effective change within the landscape of school safety.

"When it comes to a solution to preventing violence at schools, we refuse to compromise until every school has a foundation of security."

Drift Net CEO, Aaron Coles
Aaron Coles
Founder & CEO, Drift Net

Meet Our Team

Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do your best work and stay on mission.
Drift Net Production Team
Works with our automation co-bots to assemble and complete the production of Drift Net hardware.
Drift Net Production Team
Interfaces directly with clients to solve their unique problems. Includes marketing and client success agents.
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Engineering & Design
Builds the software solutions for our suite of products and internal tools to make Drift Net more efficient
Portrait of a woman
Works with our automation co-bots to assemble and complete the production of Drift Net hardware.
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Communicates with school leadership all over the nation to inform them about our suite of safety and security products.
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Responsible for the implementation of the KnowWhere Campus Safety System. Specializing in geospatial mapping or fieldwork.
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