Understand your school community's risks

Our all-hazards assessments identify risks and vulnerabilities unique to your school, including a Risk and Vulnerability Assessment, allowing your school to make informed decisions. Incident Command Team members can complete assigned sections for quicker results.

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Understanding your school’s unique safety situation not only prevents danger, but also keeps you from purchasing unnecessary safety products.

Logic Assessment

This innovative way of finishing assessments saves time by actively removing questions irrelevant to your school as you progress. Leveled access allows admins to pick specific sections to assign to relevant parties, making the process seamless. 

Expert Assessing

Using this feature comes with the ability to sit down with an in-house Safety Consultant, who will help you understand your assessment reports, and who will direct you towards solutions and grant opportunities.

Informed Purchases

Completing assessments will increase awareness across districts at the individual school level, so school leadership can prioritize upgrades in their safety and security strategy. 
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